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You have defined the variants in article maintenance.

Entering the Main EAN for Each Variant and Unit of Measure Collectively

  1. In the standard article master, access the the Basic Data screen for the generic article and enter the following information:
  1. Choose EANs for variants.

The matrix display appears.

  1. In the case of external number assignment, enter the main EAN for each of the variants. In the case of internal number assignment, the system determines the main EAN for each of the variants automatically.

Creating, Changing, and Deleting EANs for the Generic Article and Its Variants Collectively

In the standard article master, access the additional screen Additional EANs for the generic article and enter at least the following information:

You can maintain variant EANs for units of measure other than the units of measure defined for the generic article.

If you want to maintain vendor EANs at generic article level (the vendor specified appears in the header), the user department Purchasing must already have been maintained for this vendor at generic article level. If this user department has been maintained for the vendor only at variant level, the vendor EANs must be maintained at variant level.

When maintaining vendor EANs for variants, you can also enter the number used by the vendor to identify the article. This is possible only for the main vendor EAN for a specific unit of measure.


In both cases, data maintained at generic article level is also immediately available at variant level; that is, if you switch the area of validity from generic article to variant, the EANs you have just maintained for that variant at generic article level are displayed. Changes at variant level are also immediately available at generic article level.

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