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Procedure documentation Creating a Reclassification Version for Objects in Hierarchical Class Types Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


This procedure allows you to create a reclassification version for selected objects and a defined date. This means that the changes are not actually written to the database; the reclassification is merely simulated.


  1. In the Create Reclassification Version Screen enter the change identification, which is used to identify the reclassification version.
  2. Select the objects to be reclassified and enter a planned date for the reclassification. Please note that only one reclassification run can be planned for any one date.

  3. Execute the program and you will be issued with a hierarchical list of the objects selected.
  4. Select an object to be moved by positioning the cursor on the corresponding line and choosing Edit ® Select object. You can select all the articles in a block in a single step by choosing Edit ® Start/end of block.
  5. You reassign the selected objects by positioning the cursor on the node (target) and choosing Edit ® Reassign.
  6. You can display the consequences of the reclassification on the planned date by choosing Goto ® Check consequences.
  7. If you choose Goto ® Display changes you get an overview of the changes that have resulted so far in this reclassification version.

  8. Save your simulation.

You can now change or delete the saved simulation or activate the reclassification for a specific date.

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