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Changing existing article and merchandise category assignments within merchandise categories is referred to as 'reclassification'. Changes are necessary for the following reasons:

The reclassification function allows you to change your merchandise category hierarchy, including the objects assigned to the hierarchy (articles and variants). In doing so, you can also change or adjust current documents, statistics, and other dependent objects. This is a particularly useful tool in Category Management and ECR.


You can use the reclassification function to do the following:

An article is assigned to a different merchandise category. You can also split a merchandise category by creating a new merchandise category and moving a certain quantity of articles from the existing one into the new one.

Whole merchandise categories are moved to the same level in the hierarchy tree. All elements subordinate to the merchandise category in the hierarchy are moved with it.

Whole merchandise category hierarchy nodes are moved to another point at the same level in the hierarchy tree. All elements subordinate to the merchandise category hierarchy node in the hierarchy (other MC hierarchy nodes, merchandise categories, characteristics profiles, generic articles, articles and variants) are moved with it.

If you want to change the assignment for individual articles, you should use the Article Reclassification function. It is somewhat easier to use.


You can only use this function for articles that were created using article master maintenance in SAP Retail.

Reclassification is, however, only possible if certain system checks have been made. The following article categories can be reclassified:

The following constraints exist:


The SAP System runs the following checks and conversions during the reclassification process:

The system performs the following tests and adjustments:


Your SAP System offers you the following functions for reclassification:



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