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One of the first steps required for putting the SAP Retail System into operation is normally to transfer article data from a legacy system. This is because it is not normally possible to re-create the articles manually since there are so many of them.

If your retail system is a distributed system, it is also necessary to exchange data between these systems. Other scenarios making it necessary to distribute article master data are as follows:

        Transfer of article data from an SAP system

The legacy system can, of course, be an SAP system with industry materials. During data transfer, the system converts the industry materials into retail articles. However, this only applies in the case of different systems. To convert industry materials into retail articles in the same system, you must use program RMMMMPOI.

        Distribution of changed and/or re-created article data between SAP systems; for example, an information system located on a separate computer

        Supply of legacy systems or non-SAP systems with changed and/or recreated article data

        Supply of data to sites with a separate system, for example, when commissioning a store

        Transfer of data from data pools

        Targeted distribution of articles (manual sending)


The SAP Retail System uses Application Link Enabling (ALE) to transfer and distribute data. This technique is the same for all SAP applications and is used in the SAP Retail System to distribute different kinds of master data and transaction data via defined interfaces known as IDocs. For a detailed description of ALE, the functions supported, and how to proceed, see the following SAP library documentation:

        Structure linkBC ALE Introduction and Administration

        Structure linkCA ALE Quick Start

        Structure linkBC ALE Programming Guide

        Structure linkBC BAPI User Guide

        BC BAPI Programming

The functions offered by the assortment list and point-of-sale interface (outbound) also allow you to distribute article information. However, this information is used only to supply store systems and point-of-sale (POS) systems. It cannot be used to transfer and distribute article master records.

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