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In this user department, you define vendor-specific data for an article.


The vendor entered on the initial screen is copied to the Purchasing screen. If the article is supplied by several vendors, you can switch to a different vendor from the Purchasing screen by choosing Area of validity and displaying the possible entries.


Purchasing data creates the link between the article, vendor, and purchasing organization.


To access the Purchasing screen, you must enter a purchasing organization and vendor on the initial screen. If, from the standpoint of a store, a distribution center is a vendor, you can specify the number of the distribution center as the vendor.


Provides an overview of the available sources of supply for an article, indicating the periods during which procurement from such sources is possible.

Provides an overview of the texts, for example, info record note and purchase order text, contained in the purchasing info record.

Accesses the general data contained in the purchasing info record.

Here, you define data on prices and conditions in particular. When determining the net price, please note that only conditions at article/vendor/purchasing organization level are considered.


Distinguishing Purchasing Data by Site

You can distinguish by site some of the data that you enter for each vendor and purchasing organization. You do this by accessing the Purchasing screen and choosing Area of validity and specifying the site as required.

Blocking the Purchase of an Article from a Particular Vendor Temporarily

This may be necessary if, for example, the vendor is currently delivering poor quality. For more information, see Articles: Blocking an Article.

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