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In this user department, you define the following data:


You can only perform the listing when a listing procedure has been defined. Using the listing procedure, you can list an article for a number of assortments. The number of assortments depends on the distribution chain you enter on the Listing screen.

You define listing procedures in Customizing for Assortments under Listing Procedures . A listing procedure always consists of a combination of the following basic listing procedures:



Manual procedure


Listing profile procedure


Classifying procedure


Layout comparison procedure


You can combine these basic listing procedures by linking them with AND or OR. The system executes these basic listing procedures one after another; that is, in steps.

Link rule



The assortments determined for listing must satisfy the basic listing procedures that you have linked with AND. This causes a potential reduction of the assortments selected in the previous step.


The assortments determined for listing are added to those determined in the previous step.


You define the listing procedure Z. The assortments determined according to this listing procedure should satisfy the basic listing procedures P and K. In this case, you make the following entry in Customizing:

P & K


Before starting the listing procedure, you are recommended to specify the distribution chains for which the listing procedure is to be carried out. You have the following options:

You start the listing by choosing Perform listing.

If you list a structured article after creating the bill of material, the system will always list the components for set and display articles as well. If the component is already listed, it receives the status in the listing condition according to which it is listed as a component and a single material. If not, it receives the status according to which it is just listed as a component. In the standard system, listing conditions are not created for the components of prepack articles. Using the BAdI LISTING_PREPACK_COMP, however, you can easily make listing conditions be created for the components of prepack articles as well.

When listing generic articles, listing conditions are only created for the generic article and for variants that are not flagged for deletion. If a variant is flagged for deletion, the listing conditions cannot be created during the direct maintenance of variants on the Listing screen.

After carrying out the listing procedure, you can display the assortments determined by choosing Assortments. If an assortment is listed and if it is defined in the article’s source of supply that the article can be procured via a distribution center, the distribution centers that can supply the assortment user are also listed.

In addition to the assortments, the system also determines the following distribution chains:

You can display these distribution chains by choosing Distribution chains.

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