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Procedure documentation Vendors: Deleting the Assignment of a Vendor Hierarchy Node Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

  1. From the Retailing menu, choose Master data ® Vendor.
  2. Choose Vendor ® Hierarchy ® Change.
  3. Enter a vendor hierarchy category (the standard version includes only one category A), a validity date, and choose Program ® Execute.
  4. The system displays a list of existing vendor hierarchies that are valid for the data you entered.

  5. Choose the vendor you want to delete and choose Edit ® Nodes ® Delete.
  6. The system removes the vendor from the existing assignment.

  7. Save your data.



How the system reacts when you delete a node assignment depends on the validity period of the assignment. For example, other assignments may automatically be changed as a result of the deletion.

The following scenarios describe possible system reactions:

The valid-from date lies in the past.

The system updates the assignment and sets the valid-to date to yesterday's date.

The valid-from date is today's date or lies in the future.

The system physically deletes the assignment.

Other assignments exist for the nodes in question with adjoining validity periods.

The system checks whether validity periods of the remaining assignments can be extended (see following example).


The following assignments exist for the same node (one assignment effective now, the other later):

4712 ® 4711 (01.01.1993 - 31.12.1998)
® 5000 (01.01.1995 - 31.12.9999)

If you delete the second assignment on 02/02/1994, the system changes the valid-to date of the first assignment to 31/12/9999. However, if you delete the second assignment on 02/02/1995, the system changes the valid-to date of this assignment to 02/01/1995. If you delete the first assignment on 02/02/1994, the system advises you that a future validity for this assignment exists.



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