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An important aspect of vendor hierarchies is their flexibility. When a vendor's structure changes in any way, you must be able to respond quickly and change the corresponding vendor hierarchy with the minimum of effort. For example, a vendor may reorganize its structure and move some retail stores from one region to another, or a vendor may merge several of its area divisions into one new unit. When you move a vendor or node from one part of a hierarchy to another, you automatically carry with it all other subordinate data.


You maintain the master data for hierarchy nodes in exactly the same way that you maintain vendor master data. In addition, you can maintain the data for each assignment of a node within a hierarchy. You can display and maintain both kinds of master data from the main master data screen. To maintain the assignment of a node, you enter the hierarchy category and a validity date. The system then displays the hierarchy nodes that meet your selection criteria. If there is more than one hierarchy, each hierarchy appears as a list of underlying nodes and vendors.

You can perform the following maintenance for vendor hierarchies:

Adding a new node or vendor

See Vendors: Adding a New Vendor Hierarchy Node

Changing the assignment of a node or vendor from one node in the hierarchy to another

See Vendors: Changing the Assignment of a Vendor Hierarchy Node

Changing the validity data of a node or vendor

See Vendors: Changing Validity Data in a Vendor Hierarchy

Deleting a node or vendor from the hierarchy.

See Vendors: Deleting the Assignment of a Vendor Hierarchy Node



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