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Function documentation Vendors: Partners as Nodes in a Vendor Hierarchy Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


In addition to nodes created with the special account group 0012, you can also define a partner function as a node.


A node in a hierarchy represents a vendor's regional sales office from which you receive invoices. In this case, you have an existing vendor master record, already maintained with the partner function Invoicing party. You assign this vendor master record as a node in the vendor hierarchy, using the appropriate account group.


If you want to define partners as nodes, you can specify in Customizing for Purchasing (MM) which account groups are valid for a particular hierarchy category and which of these account groups may be defined as higher-level account groups. You do this in the activity Assign Account Groups. For example, you can exclude the possibility of defining goods suppliers as higher-level nodes, since goods suppliers play no role in pricing.




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