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Procedure documentation Vendors: Assigning a Node Within a Vendor Hierarchy Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You have created the necessary master records for the nodes in your hierarchy. Now you want to incorporate the nodes into the hierarchy by making the actual assignments.



       1.      From the Retailing menu, choose Master data Vendor data.

       2.      Choose Edit vendors VendorHierarchyChange.

       3.      Enter a vendor hierarchy category (A in the standard SAP system) and a validity date. Choose Program Execute.

The system displays a list of existing vendor hierarchies that are valid for the data you entered.

       4.      Position your cursor at the top of the screen and select EditAssignmentCreate assignment.

The system displays the Create Hierarchy Assignment dialog box. The data in the upper half of the dialog box defines the node you want to assign. The data in the lower half specifies the higher-level node.

       5.      Enter your assignment data:

        Number that identifies the vendor number of the hierarchy node

        Organizational data

        Validity period

In addition, the system automatically copies the indicators from the node's master record that specify whether the node is relevant for price determination or subsequent settlement.


         If you are assigning an existing vendor master record as a node, you can only assign vendors with a valid account group for hierarchy nodes. Valid account groups are defined in Customizing for Purchasing.

         If you are creating the node at the top of a vendor hierarchy, you do not need to enter data in the lower half of the dialog box.

       6.      Choose Enter.

The system creates the assignment and displays it in the vendor hierarchy.

       7.      Repeat the procedure for as many nodes as you need to create.

       8.      Save your data.


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