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You plan to create a vendor hierarchy. Because each node in the planned hierarchy represents an element in the organizational structure of your vendor, you must be able to store limited, vendor-related data for each node. Therefore, before you can create your vendor hierarchy, you must first define each node as a type of vendor master record.


1. From the Retailing menu, choose Master data ® Vendor data.

2. Choose Edit Vendors ® Vendor ® Hierarchy nodes ® Create.

The initial screen for creating a hierarchy node appears (you are creating a type of vendor master record, so the system uses the same screens that you see when you create a vendor).

The system proposes the vendor account group 0012. The kind of information you can store in the master record of a node is controlled through this special account group.

3. Enter your organizational data, but leave the Vendor field blank (in the standard version, the vendor number is assigned automatically by the system) and choose Enter.

The Create Vendor: Address screen appears. Enter the name and address.

In addition, you can enter the following data in subsequent screens:

Control data

Contact person

Purchasing data (subsequent settlement and pricing indicators)

4. Save your data.

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Vendors: Creating a Vendor Master Record



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