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Function documentation Vendors: Determining the Relevant Purchasing Info Record Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


Starting from the vendor and purchasing organization which characterize the changed data retention level, the system selects all purchasing info records which are not flagged for deletion and for which articles can still be delivered.

The vendor data retention level at which each record is retained is determined for all of the purchasing info records in this initial selection.

You make a change at this data retention level. This change can be a deletion - not at the level characterized by just the purchasing organization - or an addition in the level. If you make a change, the system compares the current value in the purchasing info record with the value in the data retention level, at which the purchasing info record would have been retained if you had not made the change. Only if these two values are identical does the system copy the value from the data retention level, at which the purchasing info record is now retained, to the purchasing info record. This prevents manual changes to the purchasing info record from being automatically overwritten.


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