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Articles can have different characteristics such as color or size. Often characteristics are given different names by different vendors.


Company-own value



Vendor value





fire engine red



All the characteristic values used in your company can be stored in the SAP system along with the corresponding values given to them by your vendors. You do this by assigning vendor characteristic values to your internal characteristic values. If no vendor characteristic value has been maintained for one of your internal characteristic values, the system uses your internal value as default.

The assignment of vendor characteristic values to internal characteristic values is dependent solely on the vendor and not on the individual articles.


This graphic is explained in the accompanying text


You can only maintain a vendor characteristic value if it is assigned to an internal characteristic value. If a vendor characteristic value exists for an internal characteristic value, this assignment is unique. Conversely, for each vendor, one internal characteristic value exists for every vendor characteristic value maintained.

You can also maintain a language-independent description for every vendor characteristic value.

Vendor characteristic values can be entered from vendor or article maintenance. From the purchasing screen of the vendor master, choose Extras Vendor characteristic values.

All internal characteristic values are maintained in the Classification System and cannot be maintained at the same time as you maintain vendor characteristic values. The sequence of characteristic values the system presents to you corresponds to the sequence of values in the Classification system.

In addition to using standard functions such as Select, Delete, etc., you can display all internal values for a characteristic and select a vendor to fit the characteristic.


The sequence of values for a characteristic describing sizes is XS, S, M, L, and XL. This is the sequence that was maintained in the Classification system.


If you have several SAP systems linked and you distribute data by ALE using IDocs as standardized interface, then the distribution of vendor master data and vendor characteristic values takes place as follows:

        Direct sending


        Change pointers


You must use the message category for vendor characteristic values to have them distributed.


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