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Viewing Profile Information in People ExplorerLocate this document in the navigation structure


You can view full profile information for people and other entities by:

  • Clicking the corresponding display name in the People Explorer search results

  • Choosing a name from the People Explorer suggestion provider in the portal

The entity's profile information opens in a separate People Explorer window.

  • The left panel contains:

    • The entity's display name and image (or avatar, if there is no image)

    • General information for the entity

    • Your relationships with the entity. (This field does not appear in the My Profile window.)

  • The main content pane displays profile information, which is organized in tabs according to presentation groups and attribute groups that were configured by the administrator.

  • In the Explorer tab, you can view graphs of the relationships for the entity.

You can add and remove user relationships between you and other entities in the entity's profile window.

In the My Profile window, you can edit information in your profile, if it has been configured as editable by the administrator.

You can view general information for an entity by hovering over the entity's display name in any People Explorer window. The general information displays a subset of the full profile data and the entity's personal image, if it exists.