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 Correcting Errors in Partner ProfilesLocate this document in the navigation structure

Procedure for an Error in the Central System
  1. Log on to the central system (in this example, ADMCLNT070).
  2. Call transaction WE20.

    The Partner Profiles screen appears.

  3. Choose the Partner Type LS (Logical System) folder, and choose the child system (such as PRDCLNT324).
  4. Check if USERCLONE appears in the Message type column in the Outbound Parameters group box.
    • If not, this is the problem, and you must enter a Basis type.
    • If yes, the Basis type is incorrect, and you must change it.

      In both cases, switch to change mode, and choose Add ().

      1. The Partner Profiles: Outbound Parameters screen appears.
      2. Enter the following data:
        Field Entry
        Message Type USERCLONE

        Receiver Port

        Select from input help.

        Output mode

        SelectPassIDocs immediately

        Basis Type

        for example: USERCLONE02 (See note)

        USERCLONE01: For SAP R/3 4.5USERCLONE02: For SAP R/3 4.6BUSERCLONE03: For SAP R/3  4.6C, Support Package in accordance with SAP Note 389426.USERCLONE04: For SAP Web Application Server 6.10 and higher

        Use the USERCLONEXX that is understood by the involved systems in the landscape (by this central and this child system). For example, if your central system has a release status of SAP R/3 4.6C and a child system SAP R/3 4.6B, define USERCLONE02 for this partner profile.

      3. On the Postprocessing: Authorized Agent tab page, enter the user ID of the ALE administrator in the Agent field:
        • Type: US (User)
        • Agent: ID of the administration user
        • Language: EN