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Activating Scenarios for TestingLocate this document in the navigation structure

Test your solution with an active scenario to make sure the solution you developed works as you expect. You can also record the authorization objects used in your scenario for inclusion in your scenario definition.



Active scenarios are client-independent customizing objects in SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP.


  1. Start Workbench for Switchable Authorization Check Scenarios (transaction SACF).
  2. Select Scenario definition.
  3. Enter selection parameters.
  4. Choose Execute Object (Execute).
  5. Select a scenario definition and choose Display or Change (Show <-> Change).
  6. Determine if you want to record the authorization checks in the security audit log.

    By default, the scenario does not record authorization checks in the security audit log. Enable the checks for troubleshooting and testing, so that the security audit log can return information about the user ID, the terminal, and the authorization objects involved. In productive systems, only enable the security audit log for critical processes for which you want information about authorization checks that failed. Activate the security audit log only in exceptional circumstances.

    For more information, see the F1 help for the SAL Status field.

  7. Choose Create with template Active Scenario.

Next Steps

Test your application with the active scenario. To effectively test your scenario, you must add the relevant authorization objects. Depending on the scenario status you chose, the system does this automatically during testing. Otherwise you must add the authorization objects manually.