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 Setting Up the SAML Test ApplicationLocate this document in the navigation structure

  • The user who executes the test application is assigned a role that contains the action SAMLSSODEMO_SETUP .

    This action is automatically assigned to users in the Administrators group of the AS Java.

  1. Access the set up application using your Web browser (http://<host>:<port>/samlssodemo_source/setup).
  2. Enter the information for the source site. Default information is provided. Adjust the information to use for your test case accordingly, for example, host name and port.
  3. Enter the information for the destination site.
    1. Select the type of authentication to use at the destination site.
    2. Select Basic Authentication as fallback if desired.
  4. Choose Configure to perform the set up.

    The system's actions are displayed in your Web browser.


The set up application configures the J2EE Engine for using the test application as follows:

  • It creates the users for the source site, the responder service and the destination site. It also assigns them the necessary roles at each of the sites.
  • It inserts the SAMLLoginModule into the destination site's login module stack.
  • It sets the various parameters in the configuration, for example, for PartnersInbound and PartnersOutbound .
  • If any of the URLs specified do not use SSL, then it sets the parameter PermitInsecureConnectionsto true so that these connections are accepted.

    Change this parameter back to false when using SAML in productive environments; otherwise the SAML access is insecure. The system creates warnings in the log for each insecure access.