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Report RSUSR_CLEANUP_USER_TABLES in installed in the system (more information: SAP Note 1401395 Information published on SAP site).


You can use this procedure to clean up the user tables in a client or system that contain data about users that no longer or have never yet existed in the system. These inconsistencies can be caused, for example, by program errors (more information: SAP Note 1339537 Information published on SAP site), or from client or system copies, or transports.

The report checks all user tables using the users that exist in table USR02. It determines all table entries for which the user has not yet also been defined in table USR02.


  1. Start report RSUSR_CLEANUP_USER_TABLES with transaction SA38.
  2. Set the required options:



    Test mode

    If you set this option, you execute the report only for analysis purposes.

    Take CUA into account

    If you have never operated a Central User Administration, you can reduce the scope of the analysis with this option.

    Display only affected tables

    If you set this option, the report only displays tables with inconsistent data in the results list. To display tables without inconsistent data, remove the check from this checkbox.

    User name

    To reduce the runtime of the report for systems with large numbers of users or with many changes to user master records, you can specify individual user names or ranges that you want to search for inconsistent data.

  3. Choose Execute.

    The first column of the list shows all users for which the report found inconsistent entries in the following tables. The table fields show the number of table rows found in the table for the user.

  4. You have the following options for displaying the entries:
    • To display only one data record, double-click the field, the table name, or the selection column for a user.

    • To display data records for multiple users and tables, choose Start of the navigation path Goto Next navigation step Display Data Records End of the navigation path.

  5. As long as you have not executed the report in test mode, you can select and delete data.

    The system irrevocably deletes all inconsistent data records for the rows that you have selected. The system log (transaction SM21) contains warning message C4 1: Application RSUSR_CLEANUP_USER_TABLES warns: inconsistent data was deleted.