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Maintaining Authorizations in Roles for Productive UseLocate this document in the navigation structure


The role describes the user's activity in the company and contains all applications that the user requires for this activity.


The authorization administrator creates a role. He or she has the following options when doing so:
  • He or she can copy a delivered SAP role (example role) into the customer namespace and then perform the merge process to transfer the updated customer-specific SU24 data.

  • He or she can create a new role from the delivered authorization data based on the SU24 data. To do this, he or she includes applications in the role menu and completely specifies the authorizations of the role by completely filling the fields of the authorization objects. The trace function, which you can call by choosing the Trace button, supports you in maintaining the authorization values. More information: Maintaining Authorization Fields Using Trace Evaluation in Transaction PFCG.

More information about creating roles: Creating Single Roles.