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A home data source is the primary data source for a principal. It generates the unique ID for principals that it is home for. The home data source replies to existence checks: If a principal does not exist on its home data source, then it does not exist at all. Each principal can only have one home data source.

The strong relationship between a principal and its home data source is reflected in the unique ID of a principal. The unique ID is built in the following way:



  • <Principal_Type> = The principal type. This should be four upper case letters (A-Z).
    • Names with the first letter in the range [A-W] are reserved for SAP.
    • Names with the first letter in the range [X-Z] are reserved for customers.
    • Exceptions are the predefined standard types: user, group, account, role, team.
  • <Home_Data_Source_ID> =The ID of the home data source

    For more information, see <dataSources> .

  • <Uniquename> = Unique identifier for the principal on the home data source


Every user that is read from the LDAP server starts with USER.CORP_LDAP . if the ID of the LDAP data source from which the user was received is CORP_LDAP . During search or read operations, the home data source of a principal is immediately visible from the principal's ID. For create operations, the configuration must specify the principal's home data source.