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The XML file must include the tag <dataSources> and underneath one or more data source configurations.


<dataSources>      <dataSource id="PRIVATE_DATASOURCE">      ...      

</dataSource>      <dataSource id="CORP_LDAP">      ...      </dataSource> </dataSources>


Metadata of a Data Source

The metadata of a data source is specified as attributes in the <dataSourc e > tag and describes the data source and how the persistence manager uses it.

Mandatory Attributes

  • id:Specifies the name that the persistence manager or an application uses to identify the data source. The ID has to be unique.

    Allowed characters are capital letters ("A"-"Z") and underscores ("_"). The length of Ids is restricted to 20 characters.


    Changing the ID of an existing data source leads to inaccessible data.

  • className: Specifies the implementation class of the data source, which implements the IDataSource interface. The specified class has to be loadable by the class loader which loads the jar .

    The following values are allowed:


      (used to read/write UME data from/to a database)


      (used to read/write UME data from/to an LDAP server)


      This list may be extended in the future by new data source implementations developed by SAP or customers.

Optional Attributes

  • displayName: Contains a meaningful name or a resource bundle key which is used to display the data source on a user interface.
  • isReadonly: Specifies whether the data source is only used for read and search operations, or also for create, modify and delete operations.

    Allowed values: true, false

    Default value: false (used if the attribute is not specified)

  • isPrimary: Must always be true.


<dataSource id="CORP_LDAP"      className=""          displayName="SAP Employees"          isReadonly="true"         isPrimary="true">     ... </dataSource>