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Displaying Change Documents for RolesLocate this document in the navigation structure


  1. In the User Information System (transaction SUIM), choose Start of the navigation path Change Documents Next navigation step For Roles End of the navigation path.
  2. Enter the required data.

    You can select an individual role or a particular change document with the fields Role Name and Change Document Number. You can use the fields Changed By and To Date or To Time to further restrict the selection. You can use the button next to Changed By to enter your user name in the input field.

    You can also choose the following document types under Change Documents, where an additional input field is displayed at the end of the list for some document types:

    • Overview of Change Documents
    • Create and Delete Roles
    • Role Description
    • Single Roles in Comp. Roles
    • Transactions in the Role Menu
    • Other Objects in Role Menu
    • Authorization Data
    • Organizational Level Value
    • Authorization Profile
    • Attributes
    • MiniApps
    • Composite Role Home Page
    • Role Assignment for Users


      With the Role Assignment for Users option, you can use the field User to display the changes to role assignments for individual users.

    • Documents (Technical View)

      Use to display the contents of the key fields of the table entered in the field Change Document Table. If you enter an asterisk (*) as a placeholder or leave the field empty, all tables are used in the evaluation.

  3. Choose (Execute).