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Setting Up an OAuth 2.0 ClientLocate this document in the navigation structure


You want to access resources in an application that is OAuth 2.0 enabled. For this application, you need a registered OAuth 2.0 client as the accessing component. The OAuth 2.0 client has a dedicated unique user in the AS ABAP of the user type System. If this user does not exist, create it in your AS ABAP.

This registered OAuth 2.0 client represents an OAuth 2.0 enabled application which is then able to access the user's resources on behalf of the user.


  1. Start the OAuth 2.0 administration by entering the transaction SOAUTH2 .
  2. Choose the Create button.
    The wizard for the creation of OAuth 2.0 clients opens.
  3. To set the relevant parameters, follow the steps of the wizard.
    Tip We recommend that you name the OAuth 2.0 client ID in a way that indicates the application using this client to access resources.