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Service Provider Types for the OAuth 2.0 ClientLocate this document in the navigation structure

The OAuth 2.0 client provides access from an AS ABAP to different service providers, for example, SAP HANA Cloud Platform, Google Cloud Platform, or Microsoft Azure. Each OAuth 2.0 client has a service provider type that determines the syntax that is used during the communication with the service provider.

Users from the AS ABAP can access some service providers, such as the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, using the delivered OAuth 2.0 client configuration. Other service providers, such as Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure, require additional parameters for the authentication. Set these parameters in the custom-defined OAuth 2.0 client configuration.

For this reason, developers must either use predefined service provider types or register custom-defined ones in the AS ABAP by creating them in OAuth 2.0 Client Service Provider Types (transaction OA2C_TYPES). They identify the service provider the OAuth 2.0 client is supposed to access.

If you use a service provider type predefined by SAP, you do not need to set up a BAdI implementation. If you register a custom-defined service provider type, you need to perform some additional steps, including BAdI implementations, during the configuration of an OAuth 2.0 client. For more information, see the related link.

SAP delivers a set of predefined service provider types.

Table 1: Predefined Service Provider Types
Name OAuth 2.0 Flow Description
ABAP Authorization code For the AS ABAP OAuth 2.0 server. It includes, for example, the paths to the endpoints and the access settings.
DEFAULT Authorization code Exactly corresponds to the OAuth 2.0 authorization framework of the IETF RFC 6749 default (see the related link). If the service provider you want to access with an OAuth 2.0 client complies with this default, you only need to fill the fields in the OAuth 2.0 configuration with suitable values.
HANA_CLOUD_PLATFORM Authorization code For SAP HANA Cloud Platform. During the OAuth 2.0 client configuration, this service provider type suggests the correct settings, for example, endpoint paths, grant types, and redirection URIs. Adjust the suggested authorization and token endpoint URIs to your account of SAP HANA Cloud Platform.
JAM SAML 2.0 bearer assertion For SAP JAM. During the OAuth 2.0 client configuration, this service provider type suggests the correct settings, for example, the token endpoint and the grant type.
Note Developers must create the service provider types in the customer namespace (Y*, Z*).