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These parameters define general SAML settings both on the source site and the destination site.

To maintain these settings in the NWA, go to Configuration Management Security Management Trusted Systems SAML Browser/Artifact Profile → Settings.

Parameters for General Settings

Parameter Corresponding Configuration Option Value Comment


URL Parameter for Artifact


String value.

The URL parameter name that contains the assertion artifact (default= SAMLart ).

We do not recommend changing this parameter because changing it has the following implications:

It is a general setting. Most source sites use SAMLart , so if you change the parameter you may not be able to receive artifacts from most sites.

You cannot change the URL parameter for the AS ABAP. Changing the value in the AS Java makes the accessibility of AS ABAP and the AS Java asymmetric.

By changing this value, you lose the ability to access resources in the AS ABAP over the artifact receiver servlet in the AS Java.


Disable SSL Requirement

<true, false>

Boolean value.

Allows insecure communication (for testing purposes).

If this is set to true , each incoming request that does not use SSL causes a warning entry to be created in the log files.