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When issuing logon tickets, it is necessary to make sure that the user ID for which the logon ticket has been issued is unique. If the accepting system is an AS ABAP, this includes determining the system ID and the client where the user exists. These attributes are required when maintaining the access control list in accepting systems and are therefore included in the user's logon ticket.

When the AS Java is the ticket-issuing system, its system ID is used as specified in the installation. Although the AS Java does not have a client, it still needs to provide a client value to use for logon tickets so that the tickets can be accepted by other systems, for example, an AS ABAP system. The default client for the AS Java is 000, however, you can configure the use of a different value.


The system ID and client combination must be unique when tickets are accepted by an AS ABAP system. Therefore, in a combined ABAP and Java installation, where the system IDs are the same, you must change the default client for the AS Java (000) to a client that does not exist on the AS ABAP system.

You configure the client ID with the UMEproperty login.ticket_client .

Additionally, you can override the client per user by assigning the following UME user attribute:


Namespace: $usermapping$

  1. Using the identity management functions of the SAP NetWeaver Administrator, enter the AS Java client ID as a value for the UMEproperty login.ticket_client .

    For more information, see Editing UME Properties .

  2. Restart the AS Java.