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Maintaining Role Menus Using Trace Evaluation in Transaction PFCGLocate this document in the navigation structure


  • You have performed the system trace for your applications. Use transaction ST01 or STAUTHTRACE and execute in a separate session the applications, for which you want to log authorization data.

  • If the trace for your applications occurred on another application server, you must configure an RFC destination for the target system or application server, to transfer the trace results to transaction PFCG.


You can enhance the role menu with applications, which you collect in the system trace (transaction ST01 or STAUTHTRACE). The system trace logs the start authorization checks which occur when applications are started during the trace. You can import these applications into the role menu.

The system evaluates the following objects:


    All application types that are protected by S_START, for example, Web Dynpro applications. The check must be enabled according to SAP Note 1413011 Information published on SAP site.




    External services or Web services

  • S_RFC

    Function modules


    The system checks function groups first. Only if these authorization checks fail, does the system check function modules. The menu evaluation tool only evaluates objects from function modules and not from function groups.


The system trace is a short term trace, which is dependent on the server and client, and only collects authorization data on the current application server.


  1. Edit a role in transaction PFCG.

  2. On the Menu tab, choose Start of the navigation path Copy Menus Next navigation step Import from Trace End of the navigation path.

  3. Choose the Evaluate Trace pushbutton.

    • To transfer trace data from the current application server, choose Start of the navigation path System Trace (ST01) Next navigation step Local End of the navigation path.

    • To transfer trace data from a remote application server or system, choose Start of the navigation path System Trace (ST01) Next navigation step Target System End of the navigation path.

  4. Select the trace results by entering the time frame, the user, who conducted the trace, and, if required, the target system.

  5. Choose the Evalute pushbutton.

  6. Select rows and choose the Transfer pushbutton.

  7. Enter the data in the SAP menu.

    Choose the appropriate pushbutton.

    • Add as List

    • Add as SAP Menu

  8. Save your entries.