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Procedure documentation Configuring SNC: AS Java AS ABAP  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


To connect to an AS ABAP, the AS Java uses the Java Connector and RFC. To secure such connections, use SNC.


        The external security product is installed on the server.


In this documentation, we describe the configuration when using the SAP Cryptographic Library.

If you use a different security product, then see your security product’s documentation for any product-specific configuration steps.

      You are familiar with the SNC infrastructure. You know which Personal Security Environment (PSE) the application server uses for SNC and you know whether you are using a single PSE for both communication partners or individual ones.

For more information, see the AS ABAP documentation.

      SNC is activated on the application server.



       1.      Either create a Personal Security Environment (PSE) or copy the application server’s SNC PSE to the AS Java’s SECUDIR directory.

       2.      Create credentials for the AS Java.

       3.      If you are using individual PSEs, then exchange the two servers’ public-key certificates.

       4.      Set the AS Java’s SNC parameters.

       5.      Maintain the SNC system access control list on the application server.


The connection between the AS Java and the AS ABAP is protected with SNC.



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