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 Monitoring the Performance of the UMECacheLocate this document in the navigation structure


The cache of the user management engine (UME) on the server nodes stores UMEobject information to increase system performance. Use this procedure to check if your cache settings indicate an impact on system performance.

  1. Start a management console.

    This procedure assumes you are using either SAP Management Console (SAP MC) or SAP Microsoft Management Console (SAP MMC).

  2. View the caches of the SAP NetWeaver Application Server (AS) Java.
    • For SAP MMC, choose Console Root → <SID> → <Instance> → AS Java Caches.
    • For SAP MC, choose SAP Systems → <SID> → <Instance> → AS Java → Caches.
  3. Monitor the UMEcache statistics.

If the following conditions occur, consider adjusting your UMEcache configuration:

  • If the number of objects is consistently equal to your initial cache size, consider increasing the initial cache size or adding a server node to your cluster.
  • If the hit counter percentages ratio is consistently low, your system may be throwing out objects too quickly. Consider increasing the initial cache size.

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