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Enabling Service Providers to Share Persistent Name IDsLocate this document in the navigation structure


You have configured your service provider to use the persistent name ID format. To configure the name ID format choose the tabs Start of the navigation path Configuration Management Next navigation step Authentication and Single Sign-On Next navigation step SAML 2.0 Next navigation step Trusted Providers End of the navigation path, select Show: Identity Providers , and choose the Identity Federation tab.

For more information, see Identity Federation .


A given persistent name ID exists only once per user pairing between an identity provider and a service provider. You can configure a group of service providers, called an affiliation, to share a persistent name ID for each user. All service providers that take part in the affiliation identify themselves to the identity provider with an affiliation ID. If the service providers are members of the same affiliation, the identity provider sends the persistent name ID saved for that user for the affiliation.


  1. Start SAP NetWeaver Administrator with the quick link /nwa/auth .
  2. Choose Start of the navigation path SAML 2.0 Next navigation step Local Provider End of the navigation path.
  3. Choose the Edit pushbutton.
  4. Choose the Service Provider Settings tab.
  5. Under Miscellaneous , enter an identifier in the Affiliation ID field.
  6. Save your entries.


Configure any other service providers that are to participate in the affiliation to use the same affiliation name.

Configure the identity provider to use a persistent name ID for the affiliation.

For more information, see the documentation for your provider vendor.