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Use the config tool to edit user management engine (UME) properties offline for the service com. sap. security. core. ume. service. Editing the properties offline prevents user management data from becoming inconsistent in a running system because of changes made to UME properties with the config tool. You can use user management configuration to edit properties in most cases. Only use the config tool if you cannot use an online tool.

For more information, see Editing UME Properties .


Do not edit undocumented properties without consulting SAP Support.


This procedure requires you to stop the SAP NetWeaver Application Server (AS) Java. Plan for the required downtime while the AS Java restarts.


This procedure sets properties at the global level.

  1. Start the config tool.

  2. Choose Switch to configuration editor mode.

  3. On the Display Configuration tab page, choose Start of the navigation path cluster_config Next navigation step system Next navigation step custom_global Next navigation step cfg Next navigation step services Next navigation step com. sap. security. core. ume. service Next navigation step Propertysheet properties End of the navigation path.

  4. Choose Switch between view and edit mode.

    A warning appears to make sure the server and dispatcher nodes are shut down.

  5. Choose Yes .

  6. Choose Edit the details of the selected node.

  7. Double-click a property.

    The Change PropertyEntry dialog box appears.


    The dialog box also provides a description of the property.

  8. Enter data as required.

    For example, enter a custom value and choose the Apply custom pushbutton.

  9. Choose the OK pushbutton.

  10. Restart the AS Java.

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