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 Creating Where-Used Lists for Authorization Objects (RSUSR002)Locate this document in the navigation structure


You can use this report to create where-used lists for profiles, authorization objects, authorizations, and authorization values.

  1. Start the user information system (transaction SUIM).
  2. Expand the nodes Where-Used List and Authorization Objects.
  3. Choose the Execute option next to In Programs.
  4. Enter the authorization object and choose Execute.

    The Authorization Object Where-Used List dialog box appears.

  5. Specify the search area. Use in:
    • Programs
    • Classes
    • BSP Applications
    • Transactions
    • Package Interfaces

    The result list appears.


The result list displays the where-used list for the authorization object in the specified search area. Additional functions are available to you in the result list.

Functions in the Result List




Calls the ABAP Editor in change mode for the program.


Calls the ABAP Editor in display mode for the program.

Where-used list

Displays all programs, classes, and so on that use the selected program.


Deletes the program

Complete List

Additional properties of the programs are displayed in the complete list.