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 Example: User Mapping with LDAP and TicketsLocate this document in the navigation structure

Denise DeLassandros wants to map portal user IDs to the user IDs used in the back-end ABAP system. If these user IDs were the same in both systems, Denise would not have to resort to user mapping. Before she makes the other configurations, she adjusts her data source configuration file.

Denise must define the attribute mapping from the logical attribute REFERENCE_SYSTEM_USER to the physical attribute that actually stores the ABAP user ID in the LDAP directory. In this example, Denise replaces the default value sapusername with abapname .


   <dataSource id="CORP_LDAP" ...>

     …     <attributeMapping>

<principal type="user">           ...           <nameSpace name="$usermapping$">             <attributes>               <attribute name="REFERENCE_SYSTEM_USER">                 <physicalAttribute name="abapname"/>               </attribute>             </attributes>           </nameSpace>           ...         </principal>       </principals>     </attributeMapping>     …   </dataSource> </dataSources>