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Creating Explicit Mappings for CertificatesLocate this document in the navigation structure



Use this procedure to create an exception to the rules for X.509 certificate mapping. This maps a certificate with a specific subject and issuer to a specific user record in SAP NetWeaver Application Server (AS) ABAP.


Try to avoid creating explicit mappings. Too many mappings can lead to administrative overhead. Use mapping rules when possible.

For more information, see Creating Rules for Certificate Mapping.

Create such mappings when the user ID and alias cannot be mapped to an attribute in the subject of the certificate or you only want to allow the bearers of specific certificates entry to your system, and not allow other bearers of certificates from the same issuer.


  1. Start Rule-based Certificate Mapping (transaction CERTRULE).
  2. Choose Import certificate.
  3. Choose Display/Change (F6) to switch to edit mode.
  4. Choose the Explicit Mapping pushbutton.
  5. Select a user record to map to.
  6. Save your entries.