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Creating a BAdI Implementation for Parameter ValuesLocate this document in the navigation structure

To define the values of the parameter extensions required by the service provider, you need to create an additional BAdI implementation.



  1. Open SAP GUI.
  2. Start the class builder (transaction SE24).
  3. Enter the object type for your new class, for example, ZCL_OA2C_CE_Z<service_provider>.
  4. Choose Create.
  5. Enter a description.
  6. Choose Usual ABAP Class and save. If you want to transport the class, save it in a transport request.
  7. Go to the Interfaces tab, add the interface IF_OA2C_CONFIG_EXTENSION, and save.
  8. Implement the method IF_OA2C_CONFIG_EXTENSION~GET_AC_AUTH_REQU_PARAMS and add the appropriate values.
    You have now implemented the class with the values required by your service provider.