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SAP Single Sign-On Secure Login is an add-on product to improve user and IT productivity and to protect business-critical data in SAP business solutions through secure Single Sign-On to the SAP environment.


SAP Single Sign-On requires additional software licenses.

Secure Login provides strong encryption, secure communication, and single sign-on between SAP GUI or Web GUI and SAP NetWeaver platform with Secure Network Communications (SNC). Secure Login support SAP GUI clients such as SAP Logon, SAP Logon Pad, SAP NetWeaver Business Client, SAP Business Explorer in addition to Web GUI through the browser.

In a default SAP setup, users enter their SAP user name and password into the client logon screen. SAP user names and passwords are transferred through the network without encryption.

To secure networks, SAP provides a Secure Network Communications interface (SNC) that enables users to log on to SAP systems without entering a user name or password. The SNC interface can also direct calls through the Secure Login Library to encrypt all communication between the client and SAP server, thus providing secure single sign-on to SAP.

Secure Login enables you to benefit from the advantages of SNC without being forced to set up a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). Secure Login has the following advantages:

  • Kerberos and X.509 authentication separately or in parallel

  • Flexible level of security: Kerberos, software certificates, 2-factor authentication, one time password (OTP), smart card or smart token integration, PKI integration

  • Better integration with existing IT landscapes: Diverse server connectors, integration with SAP Identity Management, user name mapping

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