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Creating an OAuth 2.0 Client Profile in the AS ABAPLocate this document in the navigation structure

An OAuth 2.0 client profile in the AS ABAP lists the OAuth 2.0 scopes you want to access within the service provider.


The OAuth 2.0 scopes define the services this user wants to access (see the related link). Every time you request an access token for the service provider, the service provider compares the scopes requested by the AS ABAP with those configured in the service provider itself. The list of available scopes for this user must be identical to the scopes stored in the AS ABAP.


  1. Open SAP GUI.
  2. Start the object navigator (transaction SE80).
  3. Choose Development Object in the dropdown list.
  4. To create a development object in the SAP namespace, choose Start of the navigation path Create Next navigation step OAuth 2.0 Client Profile End of the navigation path in the context menu of the object name.
  5. Enter the object name in the Client Profile field of the popup.
  6. Choose the type of the service provider. The following service provider types are available:
    • ABAP (AS ABAP service provider)



    • JAM (SAP JAM service provider)

    • Custom-defined service provider types (see the related link).

  7. Save your changes in the next popup.
  8. To assign the OAuth 2.0 scopes to an OAuth 2.0 client profile, add a new row in the Scopes tab.
  9. Enter the name of the OAuth 2.0 scope.

    This name must be identical to the name of the scope stored in your service provider. It tells the service provider that this OAuth 2.0 client is authorized to access this scope.

  10. Save your OAuth 2.0 client profile.