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Creating an OAuth 2.0 Account Client in an External Service ProviderLocate this document in the navigation structure

To access an external service provider's OAuth 2.0 protected web service from an AS ABAP, you need to provide credentials and an OAuth 2.0 client ID in the service provider.


The AS ABAP uses the credentials and the OAuth 2.0 client ID whenever users request an OAuth 2.0 token to access the service provider's application.

To generate an OAuth 2.0 client ID, you must register the AS ABAP in the service provider's developer console as the resource server.

Proceed as follows:


  1. Create a user account in your service provider's web site. Usually, you have to provide user names and passwords and other data.
  2. Go to the authorization pane of your service provider's cloud project.
  3. Make sure you have activated the APIs you want to use.
  4. Go to your credentials.
  5. Enter the redirection URI of your AS ABAP's access settings. To make things easy, simply copy it from the relevant field in transaction OA2C_CONFIG and paste it into the relevant field of the service provider's authorization pane. For more information, see the related link.

    This redirection URI must be accessible from the Internet because your service provider might check its public availability. Otherwise your service provider will not save your OAuth 2.0 client registration data in the authorization dialog.

  6. Create a client ID with these credentials and with the redirection URI in the service provider.
  7. Save your changes.