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Changing Service User Keys and Encryption TypesLocate this document in the navigation structure


You have configured the KDC as required.

For more information, see Configuring Key Distribution Centers .


Use this procedure when you want to make changes to the service user or to the encryption types you support.


  1. Start the SPNego configuration application.

    For more information, see Starting the SPNego Configuration Application .

  2. Choose a Kerberos realm.
  3. Choose the Edit pushbutton.
  4. Choose the Update Keys pushbutton and use the appropriate method below:
    • Manually

      Add details for the service user used during configuration of the KDC and generate the supported keys. Select the keys to be used.

    • Uploading Keytab File

      Select a keytab file that contains keys for the selected domain. All relevant keys are displayed. Select the keys to be used.

  5. Enter data as required.
  6. Save your entries.