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If you are using change pointers and at least one target system for the distribution of the organizational management model does not recognize the object type Employee, changes to the infotype 0105 are not distributed to this target system. Although change pointers are still recorded for infotype 0105, because infotype 0105 is not distributed, the associated change pointers are also ignored. In this case, you therefore need to explicitly write change pointers for the linked position with a dynamic task.

If you change infotype 0105, the dynamic task is automatically started when these changes are saved. It writes change pointers for the positions to which the employee is assigned. The change pointers of the position are taken into account during the next distribution process. Since the Customer Exit adds the links to the user, the changes to infotype 0105 are also taken into account. 

  1. Create the program Z_RPRGN_WRITE_CHANGE_POINTER in accordance with the instructions in SAP Note 581019.
  2. Activate the program in Customizing. To do this, in the Implementation Guide (transaction SPRO), choose Personnel Management → Personnel Administration → Customizing Procedures → Dynamic Actions.
  3. Create the following table entry by choosing New Entries:
    ITy FC No. A Variable Function Part





    pa0105_change( Z_RPRGN_WRITE_CHANGE_POINTER)


For more information about dynamic actions, see the documentation for this IMG activity.