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Creating and Modifying Corporate SignaturesLocate this document in the navigation structure


To create and modify the content of corporate signatures, administrators must be assigned a role with the UME action for e-mail signature: Signature_Administration . More information: Enabling E-Mail Signatures .


Use this procedure to create and modify a corporate signature from a Web Dynpro application. It provides the functions for managing and viewing the content of corporate signatures. The administrators with the appropriate permissions are responsible for creating and modifying the content of corporate signatures. These signatures are created and modified in a simple HTML editor, allowing the administrator to format the signatures. A corporate signature is used when the user does not have a defined personalized signature. More information: Creating and Modifying Personalized Signatures .


  1. You can use one of these two methods to manage the corporate signature:
    • SAP NetWeaver Administrator

      1. Enter the following in your Web browser:


      2. Choose Start of the navigation path Configuration Management Next navigation step Identity Management Next navigation step Overview Next navigation step Related Links Next navigation step Corporate Email Signature End of the navigation path.

    • Stand-alone Web Dynpro application

      Enter the following in your Web browser:


  2. Choose Edit .
  3. Create or modify the content of the corporate signature.
  4. Save your entries.