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 Analyzing Authorizations Using the System TraceLocate this document in the navigation structure

  1. Choose Tools Administration →   Monitor Traces SAPSystem trace (transaction ST01).
  2. Choose the trace component Authorization check checkbox. and then Trace on pushbutton.

    The system then automatically writes the trace to disk.

    To restrict the system trace to your own sessions, choose General Filters pushbutton. Enter your user ID in the Trace for user only field.

  3. Choose Trace  → Switch On Trace.
  4. Conduct and complete your analysis
  5. Choose Trace  → Switch Off Trace.
  6. Display the results of the analysis.

    Choose Goto → Analysis.

    Authorization tests entries are in the format <Authorization object>:<Field>=<Value tested>.

    You can display a formatted view of an authorization check by double-clicking an entry. (You may need to scroll down in the display to reach the formatted view of the entry.)

    If no authorization entries exist or the system displays the message Authorizationentriesskipped, check that you have set the trace switches correctly. If the switches are correct, then choose Tracefile Analyze file and ensure that Traceforauthorizationchecksis selected.

For a list of return codes, see AUTHORITY-CHECK in the ABAP Keyword Documentation.