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Creating Authorization FieldsLocate this document in the navigation structure

In authorization objects, authorization fields represent the values to be tested during authorization checks.


For more information about AUTHORITY-CHECK, see the keyword documentation of the ABAP Editor.

You can use the fields defined by SAP in your own authorization objects. If you create a new authorization object, you do not need to define your own fields. For example, you can use the SAP field ACTVT in your own authorization objects to represent a wide variety of actions in the system.


  1. Start Edit Authorization Fields (transaction SU20).
  2. Choose Create New Authorization Field (Create New Authorization Field).
  3. Enter the name of the field.

    Field names must be unique and must begin with the letter Y or Z.

  4. Assign a data element from the ABAP Dictionary to the field.

    You must define the data element by a domain.

  5. If desired, attach a check table for the possible entries.

    The link provides possible field values. You can also define a value range by way of the area with which a field is associated.