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 Performing a Mass Generation of ProfilesLocate this document in the navigation structure


You can use the mass profile generation transaction to determine which roles already have authorization profiles. You can also perform a mass generation of roles or generate the missing role authorization profiles for roles in the background.


You will need the following authorizations to use Transaction SUPC:

  • ·        User master maintenance: Authorization Profile (S_USER_PRO)
  • ·        User master maintenance: Authorizations (S_USER_AUT)
  • ·        Authorization system: Check for roles (S_USER_AGR)
  1. 1.      In role maintenance (transaction SUPC), choose Utilities → Mass Generation in the role maintenance (transaction SUPC).
  2. 2.      Specify the desired selection criteria.

    To generate all profiles to be generated automatically (last checkbox), you can further restrict the role selection in the next screen.