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 By Logon Date and Password Change (RSUSR200)Locate this document in the navigation structure

You can determine the date of the last logon and whether the user in question has changed his or her initial password. To do this, use either a variant with predefined selection criteria (Get Variant) or specify selection criteria yourself (with multiple selection and generic input).

The selection criteria Days since last logon and Days since password change mean that at least the specified number of days has passed since the last logon or password change.

You can use the following selection options to restrict the result list:

  • Selection by the validity of the user
    • Users valid today
    • Users not valid today
  • Selection by the status of the user
    • Users not locked
    • Locked users
    • Users with incorrect logon attempts
  • Selection by user type
    • Dialog user
    • Communication user
    • System user
    • Service user
    • Reference user
  • Selection by the status of the password
    • Users with valid password
    • Users with initial password
    • Users with inactive password

The entries in the Last Change and Password Changedcolumns of the result list mean the following:

Last Change

Row Explanation


The user has not yet logged on to this system.

with date and time

The user last logged on at the specified date and time.

Password Changed

Row Explanation

The password is initial; that is, the user has never yet changed it.

  with date

The user changed his or her password on the specified date.

 with date

The user has not logged on to the system again since the administrator changed the password.


The password has been deactivated.

To change a user in the result list, select it and choose Select. The user maintenance transaction (transaction SU01) appears.