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Configuring Additional Kerberos RealmsLocate this document in the navigation structure


At least one Kerberos realm is already configured.


Use this procedure to configure additional realms in which the users can use Kerberos authentication.


  1. Start the SPNego configuration application.

    For more information, see Starting the SPNego Configuration Application .

  2. Choose the Add pushbutton.
  3. Enter the name of the Kerberos Realm or Windows Domain inside the Kerberos Realm field.
  4. Choose Add KDC to add the hostname and port for the Key Distribution Center (KDC).
  5. Choose the Next pushbutton.
  6. Enter Principal Name and Password of the service user in the Active Directory.

    To validate the principal credentials, select the Validate principal in Active Directory checkbox.

  7. Choose the Next pushbutton.
  8. Choose the Finish pushbutton.