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Single Sign-On for the SAP GUILocate this document in the navigation structure

The SAP GUI's Single Sign-On (SSO) functions enable you to configure transparent user authentication for access to AS ABAP systems.

With SSO, SAP GUI users can only select the AS ABAP system to log on to from the SAP Logon Pad, without needing to interactively provide a user name and a password.

You can use the SSO functions of the SAP GUI to facilitate user access to multiple AS ABAP systems in an SSO environment. In addition, the use of SSO can reduce your administration costs, while strengthening the overall security of your systems.


In this scenario, you cannot use SNC Client Encryption.

  • The SAP Logon Pad is installed on client computers. SAP GUI users that are enabled to use SSO can access AS ABAP systems by selecting them from the SAP Logon Pad.

  • Use the SAP Cryptographic Library for authentication mechanisms that use cryptographic functions. For more information, see SAP Note 1848999 Information published on SAP site.


For more information about configuring the AS ABAP authentication mechanisms for SSO when logging on from the SAP GUI, see the following topics: