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Authentication Enhancements for the AS ABAPLocate this document in the navigation structure


You can use authentication enhancements for the AS ABAP to customize the standard authentication policies to your business needs or use an external security product to enforce access control to the server.


By implementing additional security functions provided by an external or custom developed security product, you can strengthen the security of your AS ABAP. For example, you can meet your individual requirements by integrating a custom authentication mechanism of your choice or by using specific security algorithms.

  • Secure Network Communications (SNC) is activated on the AS ABAP.

    For more information about activating SNC on the AS ABAP, see Configuring SNC on AS ABAP.

  • The custom developed enhancement must provide the entire functionality defined in the GSS-API V2 interface.


    SNC uses the GSS-API V2 as the standard interface for calls to SAP Single Sign-On or external security products. The GSS-API V2 is a standard interface to security functions. It has been developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).

  • The functions provided by the custom developed security solution must be dynamically loadable.


The AS ABAP enables you to enhance standard authentication in the following directions:

  • You can customize the standard logon screens and authentication options for users accessing the AS ABAP from Web browsers.

    For more information, see System Logon.

  • You can develop authentication libraries to use the Generic Security Services Application Programming Interface (GSS API) V2 provided by the use of SNC on the AS ABAP.

    For more information, see Authentication Enhancements with SNC.