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Logon and Password Security in SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAPLocate this document in the navigation structure

With logon with user ID and password, also known as standard authentication, the user enters his or her user ID and password to log on to the system.

The system then checks the following:

  • Does the user have a password?

  • Is the user permitted to log on with password logon?

  • Has the administrator locked the user?

  • Has the system locked the user due to too many failed logon attempts?

  • Is the user's logon data (the password, the user name and the client) correct?

  • Does the user need to define a new password, because his or her password is initial, has expired, or has been reset by the administrator?

After logon, the system shows the date and time of the last logon and any failed logon attempts since the previous successful logon under Start of the navigation path System Next navigation step Status End of the navigation path. In this way, the user can ensure that no other user has logged on using his or her name. In the standard production system, you cannot change the logon date and time. The system does not record the date and time of the logoff.