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The AS Java uses the JAAS login modules BasicPasswordLoginModule and DigestLoginModule to perform the authentication with user ID and password. You can add these login modules to the login module stacks of the policy configurations of applications to enable authentication with user ID and password.

The AS Java uses BasicPasswordLoginModule for applications that specify in their deployment descriptors the use of basic or form authentication.

Note Note

For the case when the User Management Engine uses an ABAP user store, the BasicPasswordLoginModule enables you to log on users that provide an AS ABAP alias. Adding an alias for a user account is possible only from the ABAP back-end user store. For more information, see the Logon Data Tab Page section in the User and Role Administration of AS ABAP documentation.

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In addition, the AS Java enables you to use the more secure digest type of authentication with a user ID and password. For digest authentication, the user's authentication credentials are passed in the HTTP header as a hashed value. The JAAS login module that enables digest authentication is DigestLoginModule.

The AS Java supports Single Sign-On (SSO) to back-end systems using user ID and password with user mapping. For more information, see Configuring User Mapping with User ID and Password on an AS Java.


Use the authentication management functions of the SAP NetWeaver Administrator to configure user ID and password authentication. For more information, see Managing Authentication Policy.

  1. Go to the Components tab.

  2. Select the policy configuration for the component to use logon with user ID and password from the list of policy configurations. Choose the Edit button.

  3. In the Authentication Stack table for the chosen policy configuration, add the login module that corresponds to the user ID and password authentication type that you use:

    1. For basic or form authentication, choose BasicPasswordLoginModule.

      • To enable logon with an ABAP alias, configure the LogonWithAlias option for the BasicPasswordLoginModule.

        The possible values for this option are true or false. The default value for this option is false. If you change this value to true, then entered user IDs are regarded as ABAP aliases.

    2. For digest authentication, choose DigestLoginModule.

  4. Save the configuration changes.


Users who access applications in a policy configuration that uses authentication with a user ID and password are prompted to enter their user ID and password on initial access.